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Huaying LNG Co., Ltd
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1, the investment unit profile
Hua Ying investment holding group limited liability company is an investment of energy as the core of industrial investment and asset management company, the core business scope including petrochemical, petroleum and natural gas production operations, natural gas pipeline network operation, natural gas thermal power cogeneration, fund management.
2, company profile
(Trade Company Limited Yu Hua Yingrun Chaozhou in the supply of natural gas to protect the eastern region, the company in 2013 June 19 in Guangdong Province Chaozhou City to invest in the establishment of the subsidiary company of natural gas company (hereinafter referred to as Chaozhou Hua Ying), the registered capital of 15 million yuan, is responsible for the LNG Receiving Terminal  project and related industry development and construction and operation of work, the main business scope includes natural gas (LNG) (including transportation, procurement, wholesale and retail); goods and technology import and export; natural gas transportation and distribution services; natural gas development and utilization of technical service and consultation; gas transmission and distribution pipe network investment, construction and operation of LNG terminal investment, construction and operation.
3, project scale introduction
LNG terminal project located in the town of Raoping County, Chaozhou city in the southwest end of Dacheng bay. Is mainly receiving transmission with foreign imports of LNG gas source, through high pressure natural gas pipeline and Chaozhou City natural gas high pressure pipeline connectivity, will transport natural gas to users, and by Guangdong Province in a network of natural gas transmission and distribution system the supply of natural gas to the east of Guangdong Province, Guangdong Province and the surrounding areas. Total construction scale of 6 million tons / year (supply of about 80x108Nm3 / year).
A LNG terminal project, two 150000 ton LNG ship berths, and by 10 million tons of LNG ship, 8 million tons of LNG ship, a 60000m3LNG berth; a working Boat Quay (and berthing 2 aircraft 6000HP TUG) and the corresponding supporting facilities. Item to buy 150 thousand two ton LNG transport ship, to provide safe, timely, efficient and low-cost services for natural gas transportation.
The recent investment in the project construction 8 billion yuan, long-term investment 4 billion yuan, with a total investment of 12 billion yuan. The construction funded by the Chaozhou Hua Yu Yingrun Natural Gas Company Limited self.