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A605 Investment Square, 27 Financial Street, Xicheng District, Beijing, China

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Huaying Fund
Date:2016-9-23 Hits:

Huaying Energy Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd was established by Huaying Investment Holding Group in June 2015 with the registered address of B1703 Investment Square, 27 Financial Street, Xicheng District, Beijing, China, the registered capital is 100 million CNY.


The Company adheres to the operation philosophy of professionality, integrity, preciseness, self-discipline as well as the management tenet of environment-friendliness to focus on investment opportunities on oil &gas, tourism, education industries, etc. The business model mainly is to develop private equity fund management through the projects from the shareholders. Moreover, the company will also adequately use own resources to develop business of cash management and business in capital market.


Huaying Fund will utilize the market as a tool to gather social capital, in order to follow the national strategy on energy sector and the One Belt, One Road Strategy to participate in the development of both domestic and international energy projects (particularly LNG). The fund scale of the initial stage was set as 10 billion CNY, the target scale is to reach 100 billion CNY within 5 years.